The work will include:


  • Kokyu training – a structure developed by Studio Kokyu which combines individual and chorus training, body work, breath, and voice;

  • Contact run – an intensive group practice fostering awareness, mutual listening within a dynamic action;

  • Partner training is based on aikido’s specific understanding of contact, emphasizing whole-body listening and readiness to attentively follow and lead;

  • Global resonator – composed of exercises designed to discover the full vibrational qualities of the performer’s voice within the body; 

  • Text work – involves deconstructing text, treating it as a living process, and focusing on finding the physicality of the text;



By precisely studying these practices, we aim to guide participants through a journey into the inner source of individual energy, exploring relationships with partners, and deepening the quality of collective action. Recognizing the structures also has the potential to open up work on improvisation.


The Winter School of Studio Kokyu is dedicated to those interested in the work of a performer. Applicants do not require prior experience in acting training. The work demands readiness for intensive training.

The Ember. The Winter School of Studio Kokyu is seven days of intense physical and vocal training. The work is based on practices present in the daily training of the Studio.


Through regular immersion in precise structures, we aim to recognize the action of the actor-performer within a group.

The Ember: 5th Winter School of Studio Kokyu


Kokyu Studio’s fourth winter school will be seven days of intensive physical and vocal training. The focus will be on discovering/developing the actor’s or performer’s presence within the group, and awakening his/her inner energy and creative imagination while working with movement, voice, text and song. The workshop will be very intense, both physically and vocally, but adjusted to open character of the group.