Marta Horyza 

is an artist full of passion for her craft. She shares her creative experience as an actress, musician, pedagogue. She graduated from the Fontainebleau School of Acting in France (Two-Year Professional Conservatoire Training). She co-creates Studio Kokyu and Til Tomorrow Theatre Company. 

Marta has been associated with Studio Kokyu since 2006; she played in ’Halo?’, she also stepped into the cast of ’I Come to You River - Ophelia Fractured’, and she is currently involved in working on ’Action Medea’. On the educational path of Studio Kokyu, Marta is co-leading the work on voice, singing and polyphonic songs.

Marie Walker 

is a British actress and a graduate of Rose Bruford College in London. For six months she studied at the Academy of Theater Arts in Krakow in the branch in Wroclaw, as part of an international exchange. After graduation, she performed at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh in the play "Limbo" (directed by Teresa and Andrzej Wełmiński). In 2019, she moved to Poland and started working at the Kokyu Studio. She is a co-author and actress in the play: "I come to you River: Ophelia Fractured", which premiered at the Grotowski Institute in November 2020. The performance received the main prize of the ShakespeareOff mainstream of the International Shakespeare Festival in Gdańsk. It was presented, inter alia, at the Fringe Festival in Istanbul and Teatro Espanol in Madrid. In 2022, she took part in the performance of Teatr ZAR, "Back to Beckett". She is currently continuing her search as part of the regular work of Studio Kokyu; she co-conducts workshops and events as part of the studio's educational program. She practices Aikido - Japanese traditional martial art in the Na Grobli Aikikai dojo, under the supervision of Przemysław Błaszczak (sensei 2dan fukushidoin).

Joanna Kurzyńska

is from Wrocław, a graduate of the Academy of Music. Karol Lipiński in Wrocław in the violin class. She works as an actress, singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and teacher.

She trained theater and vocal workshops under the supervision of Polish and foreign teachers and practitioners. She made her debut in the musical "Peter Pan" at the Roma Musical Theater in Warsaw. Cooperates with, among others with Wrocław Puppet Theater, Gardzienice Academy of Theater Practices, Capitol Musical Theater, Academy of Theater Arts in Kraków, Branch in Wrocław, National Forum of Music, and as a violinist with Wrocław's Sound Factory Orchestra, Camera Nera, Staromiejski Quartet and Mamatucada percussion group.Since 2016, she has been associated with the Kokyu Studio (the studio's educational path, the show "Halo?"), Currently also a member of the vocal-instrumental trio SUTARI. Since the establishment of the Youth Musical Academy in Wrocław in 2009, he has been teaching acting there and directing performances with the participation of students. The author of the series "Harmony of a common voice" realized in Lower Silesia since 2017. Honored with the Artistic Scholarship of the Marshal of the Lower Silesia Province, as part of which she led the original music project "Come to myself", presented throughout the country (EP album promoting the material released in 2014), and The Creative Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, which initiated her original research path, Voice In Progress. He is passionate about the techniques of releasing the natural voice in the process of working with an actor,

Awarded with the medal "Meritorious for Polish Culture"

Przemyslaw Blaszczak

In 1996–1999 he worked at the Song of the Goat Theater under the direction of Grzegorz Bral (participation in the performance "Song of the Goat - Dithyramb"). In the years 2002–2003 he prepared his own monodrama "Ecce homo". Since 2004, he has been an actor of Teatr ZAR. He participated in the project "Gospels of Childhood". He performed in two parts of the triptych "Gospels of Childhood" ("Overture" and "Anhellim. Wołaniu") and the play "Armine, Sister". He also played in Heiner Müller's "Mauser" directed by Theodoros Terzopoulos (Polish premiere at the Grotowski Institute in 2012). Under Terzopoulos, he studied his original acting training method developed at the Attis Theater in Greece. He is a certified teacher of this method. The founder and leader of the Kokyu Studio, operating since 2016 at the Grotowski Institute.


Since 2005, he has been practicing the Japanese martial art of aikido (currently 2 dan), under the supervision of sensei Piotr Masztalerz 6 dan, in 2011 he studied as uschideshi with shihan Juba Noura 6 dan in Mexico. He conducts regular trainings in the Na Grobli Aikikai dojo he founded, which is part of Birankai Polska. In 2005, he was in Japan at the invitation of Toshi Tsushitori, training under his supervision shintaido - a Japanese system that integrates the body and voice through training based on traditional karate.

In 2013–2016, he was the leader of the Two Paths Studio operating within the BodyConstitution research program of the Grotowski Institute. Co-founder of the Wrocław Theater Offensive (WrOT). He has conducted workshops in Poland and abroad.