Cloud Body is a distillation of the essential principles of Taijiquan in order to unlock one’s innate organicity.


In this workshop, we will investigate duets of opposing forces, inner flow connected to outer expression, the natural circularity of movements, and access a state of being that is simultaneously ready and reflective. We shall travel into and beyond the structures of Taiji to hone the axis of the body, and examine how the body becomes a carriage of culture that has been passed down through millennium.


This workshop is open to performers who want to deepen their investigation of the body. Enthusiasts and practitioners of Taiji and other movement forms are also encouraged to participate.


We will be looking primarily at Chen Style Taijiquan and its associate weapon forms while taking references from other styles.


Language:  English with translation into Polish

When: 13–15 January 2024

Where: Na Grobli Studio, the Grotowski Institute

22 December 2023

Cloud Body: An Approach to Taijiquan - Workshop led by Ranice Tay