To be an actor is to become an architect of action.


It has to deal with creating performative scores via concrete physical acts; through composition and structuring precise tempo-rhythm. Nothing can be repeated mechanically as gestural movements. No emotions can be pumped. The details of action have to be searched, lived and experienced anew each time; evoked and expressed organically through the corporeality of the actor.


In this workshop, we examine in-depth the essential questions behind the core of an actor:

What is action?

How do we unlock the inner impulses that give rise to it?

What are the intentions that motivate an actor to articulate, to move, to act?

How do we compose the interior landscape of memories, dreams and associations within an actor?


Participants will be guided in corporeal exercises to expand their artistic sensibilities; learn to interpret and structure classical or contemporary texts in an organic way; and discover new ways to enliven the body and voice through memories and associations.

The workshop is for actors with some performing experience. Come wearing a plain top, long pants for physical/vocal work, and appropriate clothing for your individual work.


When: 16–20 January 2024

Where: Na Grobli Studio, the Grotowski Institute

Language: In English with translation into Polish

20 December 2023

Architect of Action - Workshop led by Gey Pin Ang