The research and educational cycle "Performer Warrior" was created as a result of research conducted as part of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage scholarship in 2022. As part of it I will want to share the results of my research, and, together with the participants, ask myself new questions and look for new challenges. The space of exploration between the path of the Performer, especially in the perspective set by Jerzy Grotowski in his text "Performer" and the practice of Aikido, which in my opinion is completely unique among all martial arts, offers an enormously inspiring field for research on the essence of action and the actor himself.


In a series of five meetings, we will in turn deal with:

1. Contact in aikido and work with a partner. Basics of aikido training and individual and partner training of the performer.

2. The internal aspect of martial arts training. Awareness, observation, work on structures. The role of breath in the process of conscious recognition of the inner aspect of the performer's training.

3. The internal and external nature of the activity. The role of structures in individual, partner and group improvisation. Voice as sounding breath. The body as a global resonator. External movement as a manifestation of iinternal action.

4. Psychophysical provocation as a way to deconstruct a text. Breathing, action, partner, and their role in the process of text decomposition and deconstruction. The physicality of the text. Word as action. Provoked intensity at the level of physical actions and vocal actions.

5. Broadening awareness, presence, and attention. Multilayer and composition of formal action. Structure of activities as a path to the freedom of the performer. Organicity as a result of training. The vertical aspect of the performer and warrior training.



The cycle is a continuation, and it is only possible to participate in the entire course. 




Session 1:  24th-26th Feb - Friday 16-20, Saturday 10-16 , Sunday 10-16

Session 2:  24th-26th March  -  Friday 16-20, Saturday 10-16 , Sunday 10-16

Session 3:  14th-16th April -  Friday 16-20, Saturday 10-16 , Sunday 10-16

Session 4: 26-28 May -  Friday 16-20, Saturday 10-16 , Sunday 10-16

Session 5:  16-18 June - Friday 16-20, Saturday 10-16 , Sunday 10-16




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Perfomer / Warrior

workshops led by Przemyslaw Blaszczak