The presentation of Studio Kokyu's work is a statement from the latest stage of research that the team consisting of Joanna Kurzyńska, Marta Horyza, and Marie Walker has been conducting under the direction of Przemysław Błaszczak since the beginning of 2022.


Interest in the classical text of Euripides' tragedy led us to attempt to confront the material behind one of the most ambiguous figures of European culture, i.e. Medea - poisoner, child killer, sorceress, princess, murderer and avenger raging with despair, and finally a victim of the patriarchal system. Studying, asking questions about Medea is one aspect of our search, while another is the question about the performer, or rather a performer, about the possibility of reducing the stage form to a precise, naked performative structure.


"Medea's Action" is intended to be a model and a tool for the performer/performer to work on herself, in action, with the other and towards the other. We are currently in the process of creating and composing material. In the next step, we would like to check how we can open the structure, so that, especially as part of the educational activities "Action Medea", slowly abolishing the division into viewers and actors, we could offer a way of active participation in the structure with varying degrees of dynamics. We ask ourselves a question about the possibility of creating an event based on precise lines of acting, which can be opened and, as it were, created from scratch each time with new participants, without losing or damaging the backbone of the structure.

Action Medea